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These knives are for sale unless marked as Sold or Sale Pending.  Click on the thumbnail images to see a larger pictures. 
For fixed blade knives, the blade length listed is from the hilt or handle to the tip of the blade. This is not necessarily the length of the sharpened edge.

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Name: Sam Colt Bowie
Maker: United
Overall Len: 14"
Blade Len: 9 1/4"
Status: Available
Price: $550.00
1995 limited edition bowie with Cert of Auth. This is number #229 of a production of 1000. New in box with leather sheath, all original packaging, and collectable belt buckle. "Colt To The Core" on blade along with Colt logo and Rampant Colt. Has "Sam Colt" signature shield on stag handle. Other side is stamped "CT-11 Hand Made in Germany". Brass double guard, file work on blade, and large stag slabs on the handle. The steel is a full 3/8" thick!
Name: Custom Damascus Hunter
Maker: Warren D Glover
Overall Len: 10"
Blade Len: 4 3/4"
Status: Available
Price: $300.00
Custom knife by Bubba Warren in GA. American made pattern damascus blade with stabilized giraffe bone handle and mosaic pins. I had this knife custom made to my specs, and have never carried it or cut with it.
Name: Black Chrome Bowie
Maker: Gigand
Overall Len: 12 7/8"
Blade Len: 8 1/4"
Status: Available
Price: $225.00
Fancy Black Chrome and gold decorated Bowie knife by Gigand, serial #0958. Shows portrait of Jim Bowie and design signed F. Carter, Texas. The blade measures 8-1/4 clipped point blade, Mint condition with box. This knife has a high polish on the blade and handle, and would stain easily from finger prints. It comes with white gloves for handling it, and has never been touched! I've seen one of these on the web that claimed to have sold at auction for $975.00
Name: Damascus Bowie
Maker: Unmarked
Overall Len: 12"
Blade Len: 7"
Status: Available
Price: $175.00
Damascus and buffalo horn bowie uses carbon damascus for blade, tang, guard, and top of handle. File work on top of blade, edges of tang, and on brass details in the handle. This is a beautiful knife, worthy of display, but inexpensive enough to use. No sheath.
Name: Damascus Fighter
Maker: Unmarked
Overall Len: 10 1/2"
Blade Len: 6"
Status: Available
Price: $125.00
This military-style knife is damascus, including the guard. It is very stout and features file work on the blade. The custom sheath is leather and shark skin.
Name: Damascus hunter
Maker: Unmarked
Overall Len: 9 3/4"
Blade Len: 5 1/2"
Status: Available
Price: $125.00
Damascus blade and double guard. Camel bone handles. The unmarked blade has file work on the top edge. The sheath's retaining strap is positioned on the unsharpened side of the blade so that it does not get cut as the knife is put into or taken out of the sheath.
Name: Cutco 1069
Maker: Cutco
Overall Len: 10 1/4"
Blade Len: 5"
Status: Available
Price: $80.00
This is an older Cutco model #1069 in near perfect shape. The sheath is genuine Cutco, and in new condition, but I don't think it is as old as the actual knife. Features Cutco's patented DD edge. 5" blade and 10 1/4" overall.
Name: Filipino WWII
Maker: Handmade in Philipines
Overall Len: 13 3/4"
Blade Len: 8 3/8"
Status: Available
Price: $40.00
Probably brought back from Philipines in WWII. This one is larger and nicer than most such knives. Many of these that I have seen have engraved on them something like "Philipines - 1942". This one does not have the typical engraving. But does have file work on 1 side of the blade. The handle is typical, dark hard wood.
Name: Valor Boot Knife
Maker: Valor
Overall Len: 9"
Blade Len: 4 5/8"
Status: Available
Price: $40.00
Clone of legendary Gerber Mark I. This is a high-quality clone, made by Valor in the 1980's. It has a double-sided blade and original black sheath w/ boot clip.
Name: AK Knife
Maker: ?
Overall Len: 11"
Blade Len: 6"
Status: Available
Price: $25.00
This started life as an AK-47 bayonet. But this one has had the mounting lug removed and is now a general purpose knife. A good choice to put in the back pack or jeep. The sheath appears to be a blend of original military and field-expedient manufacture.

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