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These knives are for sale unless marked as Sold or Sale Pending.  Click on the thumbnail images to see a larger pictures. 
For fixed blade knives, the blade length listed is from the hilt or handle to the tip of the blade. This is not necessarily the length of the sharpened edge.

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Name: Custom Folder
Maker: Ty MontelL
Overall Len: 4 5/8"
Blade Len: 3 1/2"
Status: Available
Price: $550.00
Custom butterfly folder that Ty Montell is well known for. This one is mirror-polished stainless blade and bolster, with ancient mastadon ivory, and anodized titanium liner with file work.
Name: Imperial Pro Hunter
Maker: Imperial
Overall Len: 5 1/4" closed
Blade Len: 4 1/4"
Status: Available
Price: $50.00
Imperial Pro Hunter Stainless USA lockback knife with belt case. This particular knife dates from the late 1970's. Exotic wood handles with 4 nickel silver pins holding the handles to the knife. Previously shapened, but well done. 5 1/4 inches closed, 9.5 inches fully open. (belt case has a name written on its back in pen with small letters).
Name: Smith & Wesson Folder
Maker: Smith & Wesson
Overall Len: 4 1/2" closed
Blade Len: 3 1/2"
Status: Available
Price: $30.00
This is an odd folding dagger by S&W. To open it first unfold it on one axis, then on the other. It was bought in the late 70's or 80's.

You can pay by PayPal or by personal check. However personal checks will have to clear prior to shipment. If you are interested in buying one of these items, please email me the name of the one you are interested in, and how you would like to pay. I'll then confirm that it is still available, and either send you my mailing address or a PayPal payment request.

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